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Humanist 777 Font Free Download

If you’re looking for a font that can do it all, this typeface might just be what you’re looking for. Humanist 777 Font is an excellent typeface that comes with an impactful design. Humanist 777 font become designed by way of Adrian Frutiger and become the first time posted by bitstream in 1968-76. This smart […]

Agency FB Font Free Download

Agency FB Font is a display sans serif typeface that is ready to grab some eyes. Its strong personality makes it posters, ads, banners, headers, and even logos. This typeface was designed and shared by famous graphic designers known as David Berlow, and Morris Fuller Benton. This font family has solid strokes, square proportions, and […]

BalBharatiDev01 Font Free Download

BalBharatiDev01 Font is a serif typeface that looks artistic, unique, and balanced. It may look extraordinarily distinctive if you use it for design titles, art quotes, or branding. It’s both strict and delicate, making it suitable for headings, presentations, titles, web layouts, typical classic vibes, advertising, etc.  Its structure is made in a beautiful unique style in […]

Style Queens Font Free Download

Style Queens Font is an elegant serif typeface that looks artistic, geometric, and balanced. It may look extraordinarily distinctive if you use it for design titles, art quotes, or branding. Given seems equally suitable for business and art. Darrell Flood is known as the primary designer of this unique typeface. Serif fonts with a wide range of expressions […]

TT Lakes Font Free Download

TT Lakes Font is a simple and friendly-looking font that is purposely designed for on-screen display and legibility. It has a long distance that allows you to read letters easily even from a distance. TT Lakes was designed by Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType Team, and published by TypeType. TT Lakes contains 54 styles and family package […]

Mulish Font Free Download

Mulish Font is a sans serif font that is also a good choice for body text. Using the best sans serif fonts for print or web content makes it easier for customers to scan through your copy.  It was initially drawn in 2011 by Vernon Adams and then refined in 2014, adding more weights, and […]

Heavitas Font Free Download

Heavitas Font is a bold sans serif typeface that features heavy letters. You’ll love being able to use this in your designs, including posters, banners, letters, and more. A web font version is included. An Indian font designer Deepak Dogra took the charge of designing it and releasing it for the first time in November […]

Univers Font Free Download

Univers Font is a sans-serif typeface for websites with sharp corners. They can be used to make the best layouts and graphics for web pages. It was released in 1959 by typeface designer Adrian Frutiger. He is a well-known typewriter of the 20th century and has also designed some great typefaces. This font is also known […]

Dubai Font Free Download

Dubai Font is a modern sans serif typeface that is an excellent example. All of the included weights have the potential to bring this beauty to your compositions. It was designed by a six-member team of Nadine Chahine in Monotype Foundry. This font contains Arabic and Latin scripts.  It has a narrow width with wide […]

Built Titling Font Free Download

Built Titling Font is a sans serif long condensed typeface that combines the best of the industrial era. With slightly rounded edges, it is modern and easy to read. It was created by Japanese font designer Ray Larabie. And Typodermic Fonts owns all rights to this basic font family. Therefore, it exhibits a wonderful and […]

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