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Almost Sanskrit Font Free Download – [By Galdino Otten Fonts]

Almost Sanskrit Font is a foreign look typeface that comes with blunt serifs and slanted stems. It was designed and published by Galdino Otten Fonts. Basically, it is inspired by the Devanagari script. The designer has created this font with rounded forms, thick strokes, and exaggerated swashes. That gives it a playful and whimsical look. […]

Cedarville Cursive Font Free Download – [By Kimberly Geswein]

Cedarville Cursive Font is a script handwritten typeface that is based on the handwriting of a cheerful young preschool teacher. It was designed and shared by Kimberly Geswein. You will find textures in a cursive way and slightly bouncy letterforms because it was created without proper baselines. The best part of it is extra swashes […]

Exo 2 Font Free Download – [By Natanael Gama]

Exo 2 Font is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface that gives a slightly futuristic vibe. It was designed and published by Natanael Gama. The designer has created it with clean lines and geometric shapes as well as in the modern vibe. That’s why, it features the futuristic, slightly extended sans serif font with semi-rounded […]

Vector Font Free Download – [By Alexandr Reznik]

Vector Font is a minimal modern display typeface perfect for creating standout designs. It was designed and published by Alexandr Reznik. This font has a unique personality in the letters that have geometric curves and lines to define the shape. It is a great tool to give a unique and classy touch to any design. […]

Lemon Milk Font Free Download – [By Marsnev]

Lemon Milk Font is a modern geometric sans serif typeface that has sharp corners and an eye-catching look. It was designed and published by Marsnev in 2014. The key feature of this free font family is its rounded curves, and sharp corners, high contrast between thick and thin strokes which execute top-notch legibility and greater […]

Palanquin Font Free Download – [By Pria Ravichandran]

Palanquin Font is an elegant sans serif typeface that features clean lines and subtle geometric details. It was designed and published by Pria Ravichandran in 2017. The designer has made it versatile and adds many strokes that strike a balance between typographic conventions and sparkle. So, each character has an exciting style. Its clean lines, […]

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