Bluu Next Font Free Download

Bluu Next is a stunning serif typeface created by Jean-Baptiste Morizot. This font is the successor to Bluu, Morizot’s original typeface, and comes with a variety of improvements and enhancements. The font’s sharp and precise design makes it a great replacement for boring serif fonts like Times New Roman or Calson Graphic. Bluu Next is […]

Bigola Display Font Free Download

Bigola Display is a beautiful modern vintage serif font designed by Mulkan Nazir and published by Great Studio. It is perfect for those who are looking for a classic yet modern style in their designs. With only one style available, Bigola Display is focused on providing a consistent and cohesive look throughout your projects. The […]

Adorn Story Font Free Download

Adorn Story Font is a stunning display serif, hand-drawn, and script typeface created by designer Gulya Yeap and published by PeachCreme. The font features two distinct styles, each with its unique charm and personality. The display serif style is elegant and refined, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any design project. Meanwhile, the […]

Messapia Font Free Download

Messapia Font is perfect for titles, headlines, and subtitles. This elegant and stylish typeface comes with sharp strokes, legible letters, and versatile characters. The Collletttivo Font Foundry has taken the charge of developing and publishing this font for the first time on 20 April 2019. Check out the font lettering map images we’ve included here […]

Inknut Antiqua Font Free Download

Inknut Antiqua Font is an elegant serif typeface, ideal for literature and long-form text. The amazing font is available for free on Fonty Fonts. Claus Eggers Sørensen is a typeface designer. He is known as the primary designer of this display font. This font family includes 7 different weights: Light, Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold, Extra Bold, […]

Ghostbusters Font Free Download

Ghostbusters Font is a fancy serif typeface with sharp, charming edges. This font can deliver your required design needs. Basically, it’s a movie font logo that was based on a comic spot. The film was released in 1984 and became popular everywhere. The Ghostbusters font used in the film’s logo also caught everyone’s attention, leading […]

Italiana Font Free Download

Elegant, simple, classic yet distinctive. Italiana Font is perfect for posters, leaflets, books, magazines, presentations as well as logos and blog posts. That is inspired by the calligraphy of the Italian masters. The graphic designer, Santiago Orozco, was responsible for designing this typeface. This amazing typeface was designed with modern proportions that make this font perfect […]

Bagnard Font Free Download

Isn’t this a stylish take on the serif typeface aesthetic? Bagnard Font is modern, unexpected, and really visual. This display typeface was created and shared by Belgium-based designer Sebastien Sanfilippom for the first time. Basically, It is inspired by the graffitis of an anonymous prisoner of the Napoleonic wars. And due to its stylish texture, it […]

Constantia Font Free Download

Constantia Font is a transitional serif typeface perfect for print or on-screen controls. John Hudson is credited with first designing it. By holding Perpetua Design as a role model. It is also being used in Windows Microsoft operating system, they released it in 2006 after 3 years of continuous work and framing. Because of its […]

Alegreya Font Free Download

Alegreya Font is a Basic, Serif typeface. This typeface is originally intended for ligatures. It is mainly used for typographic designs. Juan Pablo der Peral and Huerta Tipografica graphic designers took on the responsibility of creating this typeface for the project. This amazing typeface has crowing characteristics that convey a dynamic and varied rhythm that […]

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