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Xar Font Free Download

Xar Font is a modern gothic typeface that has a cut lettering style that makes it great for crafting logos for modern brands, website headers, etc. Nowak. tv is who takes the credit for designing and launching this display font for the first time on 18th October 2005. It has a unique pattern compared to any […]

Kingdom Hearts Font Free Download

Kingdom Hearts Font is a beautiful display gothic typeface for designing elegant titles and headings for various types of designs. Ideal for logos, titles, headers, and posters. A US-based designer Eliot Truelove took the charge of designing and releasing it for the first time. All the textures are made with thick strokes in which the […]

Supernatural Knight Font Free Download

Supernatural Knight Font is a gothic various typeface that features unique ornaments and serifs, the font keeps its elegance throughout its design.  This makes it the perfect choice for professional logos, book covers, titles, and much more. This font was created and shared by Matthew Walters. It has a unique texture in which the corners […]

PentaGrams Salemica Font Free Download

PentaGrams Salemica Font is one of the most beautiful and modern gothic fonts we’ve seen that represents the core features of a true gothic font.  It is the perfect choice for book covers, titles, tattoo artworks, and much more. This typeface was designed and shared by Theyann PentaGram. That has been created with unclean padding […]

We The People Font Free Download

We The People Font is a gothic typeface that features a very uncommon letter style. It comes with a design inspired by German text. It also supports uppercase and lowercase letters, currency symbols, and much more! This various font was designed by K-Type that is an independent type foundry that offers high quality, inexpensive fonts to designers. This typeface has […]

Plakat-Fraktur Font Free Download

Here’s a medieval gothic font that takes on a condensed aesthetic. Plakat-Fraktur Font is an excellent choice if you’re looking for some elegant display type for your design project. Dieter Steffmann’s a foundry in Kreuztal, Germany. That took the charge of designing and releasing this typeface. Instead of all the similar typefaces, it is very […]

Evil Bible Font Free Download

Evil Bible Font is a gothic various typeface guaranteed to make your designs stand out from the pack. It will look good on horror movies titles, book covers, posters, badges, etc. Spanish designer Carles Garrigues Ubeda took the charge of designing it and sharing it for the first time. It has a bold texture that […]

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