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MADE Sunflower Font Free Download – [By MadeType]

MADE Sunflower Font is a modern serif typeface that comes with old-style elements and a contemporary twist. It was designed and published by MadeType. Its letterforms are described by the attention to provide a solid combination of sharp geometric shapes and soft, rounded curves as well as the slightly condensed letterform. Due to its slightly […]

Noteworthy Font Free Download – [By Emily Spadoni]

Noteworthy Font is a modern handwritten typeface that has a friendly and informal look. A female graphic designer Miss, Emily Spadoni took charge of its creation in 2011. The main idea behind this beautiful font is to create rounded strokes as well, which are thinner and darker as they are applied. Therefore, for the same […]

MADE Outer Sans Font Free Download – [By MadeType]

MADE Outer Sans Font is a modern sans serif typeface that has a clean and geometric shape. It was designed and published by MadeType. It’s a contemporary typeface in which characters are composed of a modified-geometric minimalist design. That ensures an elegant decent layout. It contains all the other basic and modern features that are […]

Stylish California Font Free Download – [By Letterena Studios]

Stylish California Font is a Luxury serif typeface that features a set of stylish characters. It was designed and published by Letterena Studios. This font has a great personality in the letters that feature bold, slightly condensed letterforms with slightly rounded edges. It also gives a casual and friendly look. This font is great for modern […]

Solitas Serif Font Free Download – [By insigne]

Solitas Serif Font is a unique serif typeface that has slight serifs and rounded corners. It was designed and published by insigne. All the texture of this font is designed with rounded edges and subtle serifs. So, all letters are properly crafted with a sharpness to provide an elegant look when applied to any design. […]

Blacking Font Free Download – [By Storytype]

Blacking Font is a modern vintage black letter typeface with a classic and retro style. Storytype took charge of designing and publishing it first. Its modern appearance, and clean and sharp qualities, it a great font for some design activities. Because It includes everything mandatory for any design necessities. Its bold and impactful style makes […]

Moule Font Free Download

Moule Font is a modern sans serif typeface that comes with a power and intelligence feel. It has become increasingly popular among graphic designers in recent years. Due to its clean and elegant look, you can try it out for various projects including headlines, magazine layouts, branding initiatives, editorial designs, online designs, package designs, etc. […]

Lemonada Font Free Download

Lemonada Font is a modern Arabic and Latin typeface that has open counters and subtle details. It was designed by Mohamed Gaber and Eduardo Tunni. Its texture has been created with bold smooth strokes in which you will observe that the designer has used crisp corners. It is categorized in sans serif rounded font. Its […]

Silian Rail Font Free Download – [By Mans Greback]

Silian Rail Font is a high-quality serif typeface that has a clean and modern look. It was designed by Måns Grebäck and published by Mans Greback in 2022. Its appearance has been designed properly just to provide a professional look. All of the letters have a distinct personality while being strict and controlled. The Silian […]

Gracie Font Free Download – [By Storytype]

Gracie Font is a modern sharp serif typeface that comes with a very elegant and fashionable-looking design. It was designed and published by Storytype. It has letters that combine sharp edges with graceful curves to create a luxurious look for typography designs. That’s why it has given this majestic texture. It’s especially suitable for high-end […]

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