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Almost Sanskrit Font Free Download – [By Galdino Otten Fonts]

Almost Sanskrit Font is a foreign look typeface that comes with blunt serifs and slanted stems. It was designed and published by Galdino Otten Fonts. Basically, it is inspired by the Devanagari script. The designer has created this font with rounded forms, thick strokes, and exaggerated swashes. That gives it a playful and whimsical look. […]

Norse Font Free Download – [By JCfonts]

Norse Font is a foreign look typeface that is inspired by runic alphabets. It was designed and published by JCfonts. This font has a unique personality in the letters that have an angular shape and straight lines. Also, its rough and weathered look gives it a decorative and whimsical style. This font runic alphabet style […]

Ungai Font Free Download

Ungai Font is a Japanese-style typeface that may not be legible at first glance and think it is another language. It includes decorative elements, glyphs, numerals, and punctuation.  If it is in English and for those who are critics of Japanese movies or like to design Japanese themes very similar to Japanese letters, we recommend […]

Gungsuh Font Free Download

Gungsuh Font classifies as a foreign look that belongs to the display font family. It was designed by Hanyang I&C Co. LTD a Korea-based company in 2000. This beautiful font includes the Korean alphabet as well as the English alphabet. Therefore, designers can use it in both languages. Its letters are professionally designed in which […]

MCS Topaz Font Free Download

Today we are introducing a new font family called MCS Topaz Font! It is an Arabic foreign look typeface that has a very unique beautiful texture with unusual glyphs and punctuation marks. This cool font family is an amazing kit pack for various designing purposes with its great style and unique features. Also, It comprises […]

Rekaa Font Free Download

Rekaa Font is an Arabic foreign typeface that features active letterforms with cut edges. It suits a various range of modern utilizations including web, print, and mobile applications. Check out the typeface images we’ve attached here to get ideas for what your design might look like. Perfect for completing any branding or deep design work. […]

Owah Tagu Siam NF Font Free Download

If you’re in the market for a stylish foreign numbers font, this one is worth a try. You can use Owah Tagu Siam NF Font for any number of projects where you need a display stylish font. This mixed-width typeface was designed and published by Nick Curtis that makes unique and bespoke handmade designs. It […]

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