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Lethal Slime Font Free Download – [By Imagex]

Lethal Slime Font is a fancy horror typeface that has bold and dripping letterforms. It was designed and published by Imagex. This drippy typeface has featured very unique elegant texture along with special glyphs as well as unique characters. Which shows the slightly distorted design and uneven edges. Its irregular and uneven edges make it […]

MLB Astros Font Free Download – [By Eriq Jaffe]

MLB Astros Font is a narrow sans serif typeface that has a modern industrial feel. It was designed and published by Eriq Jaffe. The designer made all the textures with a slim block style and increased its height to make it more astonishing. Also, this aspect will make it elegant for bigger text like headlines. It’s […]

Scratch Font Free Download – [By Sir Speedy]

Scratch Font is a fancy display typeface that has a bold and playful look. It was designed and published by Sir Speedy. The font family started a new trend for script fonts and designers started using it very quickly. This is the reason why it still has some demand in the markets. And many new […]

Real Caps Two Font Free Download

Real Caps Two is a serif font designed by Paulo W. and published by Intellecta Design. It is a modern take on the classic serif font, with a number of features that make it versatile and eye-catching. One of the most distinctive features of Real Caps Two is its use of OpenType features. These features […]

Manic Erratic Font Free Download

Manic Erratic is a handwritten font designed by Laura Eddy. It is a versatile font that can be used for a variety of purposes, including branding, web design, and print. The font features a loose and erratic style that is perfect for creating a casual or informal look. It comes with a total of five […]

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