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Exo 2 Font Free Download – [By Natanael Gama]

Exo 2 Font is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface that gives a slightly futuristic vibe. It was designed and published by Natanael Gama. The designer has created it with clean lines and geometric shapes as well as in the modern vibe. That’s why, it features the futuristic, slightly extended sans serif font with semi-rounded […]

Akrux Black Font Free Download

Akrux Black Font is a futuristic variable wide typeface designed by Eugene Bunin. It is inspired by forms that are close to futurism, stars, and space. Everything related to space, movies, and sci-fi would look great with this font. The font family has 3 weights and each weight has a variable width option. This means […]

Macropsia BRK Font Free Download

Macropsia BRK Font is a small, fat futuristic typeface that seems to blend into the background with neutral curves and line symmetry. This font is best for packaging, labels, posters, and brands. This display typeface was created and presented by Aenigma that is a free font foundry of New York-based Brian Kent.  This font texture has been created […]

Alphacode Beyond Font Free Download

Alphacode Beyond Font is a hidden secret typeface that has a thin, elegant calligraphic line like a light breeze that provides a futuristic look to your handmade creations. TheCrownIsMine took the charge of designing and publishing this unique display typeface for the first time. It features an irregular shape that really bestows a secret look […]

STARBLASTER Font Free Download

STARBLASTER Font is a modern futuristic display typeface with square and circle forms. And its quirky and different letterforms can stylize any piece of content. This typeface was designed by Alexa that is an American web traffic analysis company based in San Francisco. It’s designed to give markets just a unique typeface with new creativity. Thus, when […]

Binaria Font Free Download

Binaria Font is a futuristic sharp sans serif typeface that has straight vertical lines with square ends that give the letters a very unique & strong look. Suitable for any design needs: technological, branding, sports, website, mobile application, and more. Binaria was designed by Pablo Balcells and published by Graviton. The designer has created it in […]

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