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Blacking Font Free Download – [By Storytype]

Blacking Font is a modern vintage black letter typeface with a classic and retro style. Storytype took charge of designing and publishing it first. Its modern appearance, and clean and sharp qualities, it a great font for some design activities. Because It includes everything mandatory for any design necessities. Its bold and impactful style makes […]

Textura Font Free Download

Textura Font is a narrow and modern-looking blackletter typeface that is perfect for giving designs a stylish edge. This font would be perfect for classy designs like wedding invitations or body text. This blackletter typeface was designed by George Williams that is based out of Irving, Texas, United States, and works as a Digital Artist & Designer with a […]

Bajern Font Free Download

Bajern Font is a blackletter typeface that comes with a fantastic design that will allow you to add a personal touch to your gothic-themed designs. Basically, this typeface was inspired by German frakturs with a twist of Sweden. Anton Bolin is known as the primary designer of this typeface. It features a lattice look and a […]

Plainblack Font Free Download

A very nice choice for creative projects, Plainblack Font is a distinct Blackletter typeface that will give a unique look to your designs. It comes with a range of amazing features. This display font was manufactured by Paul Lloyd that is an independent designer, writer, and occasional speaker based in Brighton, England. Its entire structure was […]

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